MARVELOUS(ly late).... This is getting out of hand.

Definitely late again... But it's happening! :)
Things I loved about today
-The weird obsession that my brain has had with wanting to say "def"... What in the world is that about?
-This woman:
-Also, this man:
-Youtube. :)
-The idea I came up with to answer Nick Shrum for Senior Ball!
-Pandora. :)
-Soft things...
-Pens that write smoothly
-AP Psych is over!
-Miriam Blaser and her lovely mother! Not only did they provide me with a dress (it's sorta like the red one here) for Senior's, I also get to wear some gorgeous jewelry! And Sister Blaser is fixing the dress. On her own time. So awesome. :) Thanks, lovely women!
-Family in general
-Gladiator sandals
-H&M is coming to Fashion Place Mall... I think that made my year!
-New clothing!
-Uhh... The fact that I'm still up? Actually... Not so much. NIGHT!

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