Gangsters roll the windows down and blast Tupac...

But I roll the windows down and blast Julie Andrews.
I'm cool, right?! ;)

Last night, on the way home from my high school's production of Arsenic and Old Lace, I was thinking about several things:

  • How much I love that play. Which is SO much.
  • How I must get the movie from the library sometime soon! I haven't seen it in ages! If you haven't seen it, please go find it. Right this very moment! It's a Cary Grant movie... And you can't go wrong with him. :)
  • How I wasn't in what would have been the last theatrical production of my high school career. :( Granted, I didn't have time for it, but it made me sad!
  • How much fun to spend time with my siblings (McKayla came to the play with me), and, come fall, I'll really miss being able to do that whenever I so desire. I need to make the most of the six months I have left at home!
  • How much I wanted to roll the windows down, blast music, and sing loudly (and off-key!)
Well, after thinking these things, I did roll down the windows and blast music. It just so happens that Saturday night is Showtunes Saturday Night on KOSY 106.5 (musical buffs, I highly recommend it. I discover new musicals through it quite often!) This was uber convenient. We turned up the radio so loud it could have woken the dead and sang our little hearts out to good ol' Julie, Sutton Foster, Barbra Streisand, and all their lovely, lovely friends. :)
Exciting side note - some attractive guy in a different car waved and yelled "Hi!" at us. I grinned and yelled "Hi!" back! Then the car he was in turned to go to Subway. A shame, really. It's just so fun to talk to people in other cars. I wonder what his name is...

Anyhow, I will be doing more of this with my sisters in the coming months! Actually, I'm taking McKayla and Cami to see The Scarlet Pimpernel at Viewmont High School on Tuesday. Quite a few of my friends from being in The Music Man last summer are in it, as well as my friend Garret, who was kind enough to buy us tickets before they sold out! I'm very excited to see them all. :) But more on that after I've actually seen it.

For now- Good night. :)

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