Mahhhhvelous... :)

Ah! I almost spaced Marvelous Monday! But never fear, I remembered! :) It'll be a quickie, but here it is!
Things I loved about today:
-The fact that because I was so tired, everything was hilarious.
-Finishing the first term of online Computer Technology!
-Muddy Buddies. Mmmm... :)
-I know I said this last week, but hugs! Again!
-The power of deletion! Hooray technology! 
-French braiding! I just need to learn how to do them myself now.
-This adorable love story that happened in real life to Ashley from i believe in unicorns!!
-My new profile picture on Facebook of me about to kiss a pineapple. Hahaha.
-Eating pineapple! (Is that weird since my boyfriend is a pineapple? What he doesn't know won't hurt him. ;) )
-Fashion blogs! Most recently discovered - Thrifted Things. I want her closet! Or just $100 to go spend thrifting... Haha. :)
-Peanut butter jammies time! Haha. It's soooo cold and my PJ pants are the comfiest, warmest things ever...
-And last, but not least, sleeping!

Buenas noches, my lovely 5 followers! :)

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