A little background on me - I, like many people, am a firm believer in blaming Mondays. 
For example:
Chorale: *sings flat/sharp/both with little to no rhythm correctness and tone quality. Utterly lacking in musicality*
Ms. Tate: *in a more polite way* Why are you made of fail?!
Kira: It's a Monday.
See? I'm not very nice to Mondays. 
Well, this is where I come to the actual point. Because I am trying to have a better attitude towards everything, I have decided that I need to start loving Mondays. To help me do this, I hereby declare that every Monday from this Monday forward is to be MARVELOUS Monday, and I shall post about all the MARVELOUS things that occurred that day, because there is always going to be something. :) 
And you know... In case there are days when I can't think of many MARVELOUS, I think I'll just add things from the week as well. :)
So, here is my very first MARVELOUS Monday list:
Things I loved about today:
- The idea of MARVELOUS Mondays!
- Actually posting on my blog, because I haven't in a week. :)
- Submitting my decision to Utah State!!!!
- Having the opportunity to register early for a couple of my classes for this fall!
-  Talking to friends about college.
- Understanding what is going on in math.
- Being told by Ms. Tate that my "tone is just great". Normally it's "Kira, you sound lovely, but please don't sing a solo," or "Kira, don't take over." :)
- Hugs. In general. :)
- Learning about budgets! I need to start figuring one out for college!
- Comfy jeans.
- Discovering that my super boring English paper is due on Thursday and not tomorrow! :)
- Lettuce in my sandwich. I don't know why, it was just good.
- Wearing my bright purple, super stylin' Jacket-in-a-Packet raincoat. ;)
- The rain
- FHE with the Craigs

Well, I'm sure there are more, but 'tis late! I am off to bed. :)

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