Marvelous. :)

Oh dearie. So much going on! I discovered tonight that Electronic High School coursework is ALL DUE on the 15th of April, so there will soon be even more going on! Online World Civilizations was just an overall bad idea... It'd better be done faster than by the 15th, or I might just spontaneously combust. Ha. Anyway, I think that I'm just grumpy and really need to count my blessings so I'll become less so! Here we go:
Things I loved about today this week:
- Last Tuesday I was accepted to the Music Therapy program up at Utah State! I'm going to be an Aggie! :)
- On Thursday I went up to USU to interview for a scholarship and such. :) I stayed the night with my lovely friend Lauren Tuttle, who is the cutest ever, and we stayed up until 2 in the morning talking about life. It was so amazing! I cannot wait to live up there.
-Lauren Tuttle and her lovely roommates (and hopefully my future roommates) Kaitlyn and Megan.
-Wearing my 9-year-old brother's shirt. Yup.
-Attending the Eagle Court of Honor of my very best friend, Zeegan George! Congrats, cuteness. :)
-Nick Shrum. You really are one my favorites, dearest!
-Utah weather. Sometimes.
-Silver spraypaint!
-The awkwardness of ex-boyfriends + Katy Perry... Oh dear.
-Utah State sweats... Ahhhh like a cloud... The ones in the picture are not the same as mine, but I'm sure they're equally as comfortable. Just less cool. :)
-Silly failullar devices splitting words into things they are not. Case in point - "therapist" into "the *line break* rapist". Haa so hilarious. :)
-Not biting my nails!
-Making wishes at 11:11pm
-Missing school for fun things. Need I say more?
-Peanut butter rice crispie treats for FHE!
You know, I think I could definitely keep going. Maybe later in the week when I'm not so tired. :) 
Night lovelies!

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