There is so much more in love than black and white...

I would just like to say that Pandora is one of my very favorite inventions of ever... It brings me delightful new artists and songs. Like this incredible song by Amos Lee. Whose voice I have just discovered and am currently in love with. :) Click the song title to listen to it!

"Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight"

Well I walked over the bridge
Into the city where I live,
And I saw my old landlord.
Well we both said hello,
There was no where else to go,
'cuz his rent I couldn't afford.

Well relationships change,
Oh I think it's kinda strange,
How money makes a man grow.
Some people they claim,
If you get enough fame,
You live over the rainbow.
Over the rainbow..

But the people on the street,
Out on buses or on feet,
We all got the same blood flow.
Oh, in society,
Every dollar got a deed,
We all need a place so we can go,
And feel over the rainbow.

But sometimes,
We forget what we got,
Who we are.
Oh who are are not.
I think we gotta chance,
To make it right.
Keep it loose,
Keep it tight.
Keep it tight.

I'm in love with a girl,
Who's in love with the world,
Though I can't help but follow.
Though I know some day,
She is bound to go away,
And stay over the rainbow.
Gotta learn how to let her go.
Over the rainbow.

Sometimes we forget who we got,
Who they are.
Oh, who they are not.
There is so much more in love,
Than black and white.
Keep it loose child,
Gotta keep it tight.
Keep it loose child,
Keep it tight.

Keep it tight,
Keep it tight...

I know it sounds cheesy, but this song speaks to me. You know what it says to me?
It says that we often lose sight of what we have and who we are. We expect too much or too little from our loved ones or ourselves, while we should "Keep it loose" - relax and live life - and "Keep it tight" - hold onto who we are, no matter what. As my lovely mother says - "Remember who you are and why you're here."

 Currently, I'm especially a fan of the change in words for the last chorus, which is why I titled this post the way I did. There really is so much more in love than black and white... And by that, I mean any kind of relationship - Your relationship with your family, your friends, anyone. I've recently re-realized that it's incredibly important to remember "who we got", and to keep in mind "who they are" and "who they are not". Otherwise you can ruin a perfectly good relationship in a matter of seconds... So it's just important to be careful with those you love.
That's what it means to me. :) 

Now go listen to the song a million times! :)

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