some bucket list

41. Become a therapist (on my way! :) )
42. Shop on Black Friday
43. Kiss someone at midnight on New Year's Day
44. Change someone's life
45. Witness a wedding proposal
46. Ride an elephant
47. Get my picture taken in front of the Hollywood sign
48. Jump in a pool in regular clothes
49. Live near a beach
50. Ice skate at the Rockefeller Center or in Central Park
51. Visit the Mall of America
52. Learn how to play the cello
53. Learn how to play the banjo
54. Visit all 50 states
55. Learn to surf
56. Get kissed underneath a waterfall
57. Go scuba diving
58. Go to London
59. Not be single on Valentine's Day
60. Drive Route 66
61. Have a walk-in closet
62. Swim with dolphins/a whale
63. Propose to a stranger with a ring pop
64. Go on a spontaneous vacation
65. Write a song
66. Kiss under mistletoe
67. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
68. Visit Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts)
69. Jump off a waterfall
70. Attach a lock to a love bridge in Europe
71. Spend a Christmas in New York City
72. See the Northern Lights
73. Send a message in a bottle
74. Start posting outfits
75. Get a 4.0 GPA (cumulative or not)

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