even more respect

I am seriously geeking out over here.
This is going to make it very clear how much of a nerd I am, but here:

 Violin AND The Legend of Zelda? Plus the video was pretty much awesome.
I cannot express the amount of respect I have for Lindsey Stirling at this moment.
Mind blown.
So awesome.

Also, while I'm talking about having my mind blown -

Haven't seen them with each other since 500 Days of Summer. 
From the caption on Youtube, I gather that they're pretty good friends!
After Zooey and Ben Gibbard get divorced (it still pains me to talk about that!), maybe she can marry Joe. Except that I want to marry him. 
I guess she can have him, but only because I know that they'd have beautiful children with voices like larks. :)

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  1. I posted this video on my blog too!
    Just found yours a few days ago.
    Love it! Miss you!


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