marvelous monday [finals week edition!]

Oh my goodness. Talk about a cah-razy morning.
First final ever? Check.
Studied for hours last night, and fell asleep doing so? Check.
Woke up 50 minutes after final started? Check.
Finished final in less than an hour, like a boss? Check.
I am feeling pretty darn cool right about now.
Anyway, great morning over all...
Here are some happy things. :)

Things I loooove:
-Feeling good about tests
-Only having two finals!
-Music Therapy. My major is the bomb diggity, guys.
-Temple Square! Again! With friends!

 -The Christmas atmosphere... Seriously y'all. Sounds cheesy, but think about it! Makes sense!
-Orange Juice. Helps me to stave off this dumb cold that's trying to eat me. I will resist!
-UO sales... Except then I buy things... And want to buy more things... C'est la vie.
-Whoever it is that writes the text on Target's website. For serious.

-The D.I. My lovely friend Minden and I discussed it several times this weekend... I seriously could live there.
-Barnes and Noble. Also could live there.
-This book, found at Barnes and Noble. It's HILARIOUS. :)
-Seeing people I know in Salt Lake. Everywhere. Gateway, Temple Square; seriously everywhere we went.
-Running, especially when you catch that second wind and feel like you could just go forever. :)
-Endorphins! They make me feel awesome!
-Shoe circles! They will never get old. Never!
Christmas music gets its own section:
-"Last Christmas" by Wham has always been one of my favorites... Not sure why. Haha.
-"The 12 Days of Christmas" by Straight No Chaser

-"Christmas Lights" by Coldplay!

-A Very She & Him Christmas!

-Sufjan Stevens' Christmas Album!

-Meeting new people! I definitely met Madison and Lauren of Awkward Girls at Urban Outfitters. They were super nice, and styin' as always! Check out their blog here.

Well goodness, the semester went really fast!
Friday final and then I get to go home... 

Over and out.

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