marvelous {Christmas}

Well I hope that everyone had a super amazing fantastic marvelous Christmas!
I did! Full of family and Christ and happiness! And food... So much food...
Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and here is the marvelous:

Things I love:
-Jesus Christ
-Mary, for being probably the bravest and most amazing woman ever!
-Joseph, for being possibly the most fabulous husband in all history. Wow.
-The Shepherds, for spreading the word and for coming to worship baby Jesus. I am sure that Mary was grateful that He did not have to come into the world completely alone!
-The wise men, though they came later. They recognized a toddler as the future redeemer of the world. That would be so difficult... "Wise men sought Him, so should we."
-The smell of pine
-The DI right after Christmas (and any other time, but it was like... Ahhhhh!)
-Comfy shoes
-$2 cowboy boots. I am serious.
-Colorful cell phone cases
-My family
-Babies laughing
-Babies in general - they're kinda adorable.
-Cozy blankets
-Soft clothing
-Good deals
-Watching peoples' faces as they open presents
-Getting a raise
-Looking awesome
-Watching good movies that I have not previously seen
-Laughing at myself when I cry in Disney/Dreamworks/etc. animated movies
-Christmas colors
-Getting things that I need from other people so I don't have to buy them
-Being spoiled (but only on occasion so I'm not a brat.)
-Charlie Brown
-The Wii
-Candycane Hershey's Kisses
-Delicious food
-People who care about other people
-The Christmas Spirit. It is real, folks. I will miss it a lot...

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. :)


  1. Speaking of animated Disney movies that bring tears... Have you seen "Small One"?

  2. Ahhh! Of course! I love it. :) I haven't seen it in ages.

  3. *tears* I love it soo soo much. :)


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