Have you ever made a horrible mistake?
I have. Several.
Usually I learn something from them, so while I'd never do them again, I don't necessarily regret them.
I don't believe in do-overs, after all.
But this week I did something horrible.

I missed my best friend's birthday.
I feel so horrible.
She lives on the other side of the country.
I haven't seen her since August and probably won't for a good long time still.
And I didn't call.
Didn't even send her a text.
A dumb Facebook post would've been better than this.

I am officially the worst best friend ever.
Don't follow in my footsteps, lovely people. You will hate yourself.


  1. AH i've been there before....no fun! Well, I somehow ran across your blog and i think it is just ADORABLE!! I'm so going to start reading it . Feel free to check out my blog :) 

  2. My dear, that was not the worst mistake ever!!! I have done far worse. Besides, birthdays are about celebrating people's existences, and you celebrate mine all the time by being my friend! Gah, I can't believe you blogged about this, and I missed it! Hahaha...karma? Oh Kira. How I love you!


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